The Chalala is an older but well-maintained beachfront resort facing a little lagoon surrounding the Koh Mat Lang island. The area right up front is too shallow for swimming, so you’ll have to walk down to the right a few 100 meters and for any really type of bathing or use their pool right next to the beach to cool off in. The resort is quite small with only 16 individual bungalow spread out across lush tropical gardens which offers a very relaxed atmosphere, food at the beachfront restaurant is good and very decently priced, bar has one of the longest happy hour ever, from 12pm to 9pm and attracts lots of people from neighbouring resorts.

The bungalows are a bit quirky, but they have plenty of space and are colourful. Inside, one could almost (ok with a little imagination) picture living in the town of Bedrock from the Flintstones era. The interior is spit in two levels, with a raised area for the bedroom in the back. Amenities are simple but include all the essentials: Firm bed, TV, mini-bar, good air con, small safe, boiler with coffee/tea, free water, beach towels, etc. All bungalows do have a small porch equipped with a table, chairs and a dry-rack. Overall a great place if you are looking for a relaxing place right on the beach, outside of the main drag with pool and anice bar/restaurant. Not for those who are looking for modern luxuries. Have a look below for the pictures I have personally took during my stay of the room and hotel amenities.


The Chalala Samui Resort Guest Friendly Policy: You can bring woman to your room and come in to hotel is free of charged but we cannot be held responsible in case that she steal any of your valuables.

What you see below are the actual pictures I took when staying in their Garden bungalow

Bedroom area is found in the back of the bungalow inside the Chalala Samui Resort

Bargirl from one of the many Chaweng beer bar back inside the guest friendly Chalala Samui Resort

The bedroom area is a few stairs up at the Chalala Samui Resort

Layout of the bungalow seen from the upstairs bedroom area in the Chalala Samui Resort

Bargirl from soi reggae this time back in my bungalow sitting in the little living room area inside the guest friendly Chalala Samui Resort

Each Bungalow has it’s own little patio with chair and table inside the Chalala Samui Resort

Bathroom in the Garden Bungalows at Chalala Samui Resort

Very basic hot and cold shower is found in the corner of the bathroom in bungalows of Chalala Samui Resort

Bathroom features here seen from the opposite site inside bungalow category at Chalala Samui Resort

The basic set of toiletries offered and replenished during your stay in the bathrooms

The Garden bungalows positioned side by side inside Chalala Samui Resort

Swimming pool area is located near the beachfront next to the restaurant inside Chalala Samui Resort

The swimming pool seen from the opposite site inside the Chalala Samui Resort

The beachfront location of the Chalala Samui Resort

Beach strip to the right of the Chalala Samui Resort

The beach is quite shallow around Chalala Samui resort

Strip of Chaweng beach to the left of where Chalala Samui Resort is located

Layout of the bungalows inside the gardens of Chalala Samui Resort

Chalala Samui Resort beachfront dining

Interior of the Garden Bungalow at the Chalala Samui Resort

Small Flat screen TV set found in the bungalow

Bungalow mini-bar is of small size and won’t hold much drinks of Chalala Samui Resort

Bungalows also have a small safe in the bedroom area

Closer look at the bedding with A/C unit right next to it

The Bedding at Chalala Samui Resort

Low tide around Chalala Samui Resort


Opening Hours


24 hrs open


24 hrs open


24 hrs open


24 hrs open


24 hrs open


24 hrs open


24 hrs open