Soi 4 in the Sukhunvit area is definitely one of the best places to find street freelancers in Bangkok, As soon as you enter you will notice girls and ladyboys lining the street, the majority standing on the side of the road that’s opposite to the pubs and bars. You will find the highest concentration of them hanging around outside the Nana hotel parking lot and the entrance of Nana Plaza.

Street Working girls found along Soi 4 (Nana)

Though the quality of the working girls in this particular area are not always high in the looks department compared to those working in the go-go bars you can bet the rates they ask for are usually a lot lower. In the case you are new to the area, a good spot to sit and watch the action go by is from the Stumble Inn bar just opposite from where they hang, you can then grab a beer and wait until you see something of your taste show up, then all you need to do is cross the street to go talk to them or wave one over to talk to negotiate a price.

stumble in bar on soi 4 (Nana) is a good spot to watch freelancers from

Fun starts usually around 8PM continues late into the night. though a strategic time to pick up some gems is when Nana Plaza shuts down at 2AM and when many bar girls who haven’t found customers that evening are looking to make extra money will double as freelancers after they leave.

Best pickup location on Soi Nana

Before leaving with any girl, do make sure she carries a valid photo ID as this will be required for safety by hotel security before you can go back up to your room with her.

Freelancer picked up in the Nana Hotel parking lot back inside the Majestic Suites Hotel just two minutes away

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