Located between 2nd Road and Beach Road, Soi 6 has played a major role early on in giving Pattaya it’s sleazy reputation. Walking Street might be the undisputed champion when it comes to being the mecca of the Go Go bars scene but Soi 6 comes in right after as one of the craziest and most colorful streets of the city. Known as Pattaya’s infamous short-time bar street or Soi Yodsak, you will find here one of the highest concentration of hostess bars (80 or so) which line the street on each side of the road, but what makes Soi 6 is so popular and unique is that almost all of these beer bars have the particularity of offering, besides the drinks and company of hostesses, a few short-time rooms on location where customers can take their new lady friend they just met a the bar upstairs to further relax and perhaps get to know each other a little better.

Yout typical pink and red neon-lit hostess bars along Soi 6

Each bar is staffed by small groups of 15-20 bargirls wearing sexy tight uniforms and high heals, you will quickly notice them sitting out front waiting for customers to pass by. Things can be a little overwhelming on your first walk down the street, these hostesses are some of the most enthusiastic and brash of Pattaya, most will be fighting for your attention trying to make you come inside for a beer or short time by any means possible so expect to be grabbed at, felt up and have at least a few of them attempt to pull you into her bar before you’ve made the walk across.

Soi 6 is not a bad place to spend the middle of the afternoon in good company

Another thing to know is that Soi 6 is runs on a different schedule than the rest of the city, being more of a day/evening party scene most of it’s bars open in the afternoon well before it gets dark, generally everything is up and running from around 3PM, but some as early as 11AM so if you are an early bird you can get some relatively cheap adult entertainment going on during the day time with some of the most outrageous girls of Pattaya. Local beers go for about 75-80 baht and ladies drinks anywhere between 110-150 baht.

Some of the hostesses that work on Soi 6 in their respective bars, here from left to right: Nightwish bar, Butterfly bar & Ruby Club.

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