Along with Soi LK Metro and Soi Diana nearby, Soi Buakhao is an increasingly popular area among the expat community living in Pattaya. Often unknown to 1st timers, this has been slowly becoming one of the regular hangouts for many regular visitors who travel to Pattaya. Running 1.5 KM long, all the way from South Pattaya road to Central Pattaya Road this area might not be as glitzy as Walking Street but it still offers quite a variety of interesting nightspots to visit, from beer bars to nightclubs, hostess bars, massage parlors, coyote bars and go-go bars.

The fun and relaxed open-air bar setting along Soi Bukhao

Most of it’s activity goes on around it’s intersection with Soi Diana & Soi LK where bars are tightly packed, while you are sure to get some high noise levels with beautiful bargirls calling out to passersby, the overall vibe is still quite laid back compared to the hectic venues near Walking Street, girls employed by the bars here also tend to be more relaxed and friendlier.

Birthday celebration for one of the customers at Endless Lounge in Soi Buakhao

Another reason to Soi Buakhao popularity, is that prices are significantly lower than in any of the other main alternatives for a night out in Pattaya. These days a small beer along Walking Street with set you back around 120 baht. That same bottle of Singha beer can be found for 60 baht in many bars of Soi Buakhao, and it’s not just the drinks that are cheap. The food, hotels, barfines, massage, hotels etc. are all cheaper. While most of the Gogo scene has moved to Soi LK Metro, one of 1st to open in this area was the Oasis Gogo which remains popular to this day, especially as an early evening venue from 5PM onward and is well worth a visit.

Of the few gogo bars found in Soi Buakhao, the oldest one is still considered the best, just 100 meters away from the Soi LK Metro you will find Oasis Gogo

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